Hot, Noisy, Crowded.

“Starve the Beast.” I’ve been meaning to write that post for about two months. I think “Starve the Beast” is central to understanding America’s present “debt crisis.”

But just this minute, we have a Summer Weekend.  The town is infested with Junebugs, stuck in a heat wave (on the way to a drought). And we have THE AIR SHOW, the car show, a couple of youth sports tournaments. A steaming, noisy, crowded, drunken melting pot, plus cars, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters. What more could you want?

Think before you speak. Wag more, bark less.  — John



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4 responses to “Hot, Noisy, Crowded.

  1. It doesn’t actually sound too pleasant when you put it that way! Love the wag more, bark less!


  2. Hi John, we are in a drought here in the Midlands in the UK.. first serious one in 100 yrs.. Sounds like its one busy weekend…. Give me a Quiet weekend any day.. wishing you well….


  3. Noise and crowds make me want to open fire with at the very least a fire hose at full force, if not something more lethal. I hope it ends soon.


  4. I’m going to tell my dog what you said. She could stand to bark less, although she does wag a lot.
    Stay cool…


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