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  1. “Read more… 1,001 more words”…. Nah. I like the picture though!
    I still have never “reblogged” but want to try it sometime.


    • Thanks for liking my painting LOL… and you would be surprised at how quickly we read a 1000 words 🙂


      • It was certainly a worthwhile read for me. I too am going through a time of change in my life. (I’m afraid it’s called the “cusp of old age.”)


      • LOL thanks John, we each have to take time out now and again and evaluate life… and even though my bones do protest some days I still say Im as old as I feel.. Some days that 21 🙂 at others I could be 90… but Im just learning to live in the now… that way I am the same age for ever and ever! 🙂


  2. I was just thinking today about Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. I too find her paintings, and words, uplifting and inspirational. I’m glad to see we both do. She is definitely a positive addition to this World Wide Web!

    I hope you are doing well John. Spring is about renewal and I feel it too.


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