What chance do we have against this Evil? Zero. Nada.

Live & Learn

chocolate potato chips

“To the age-old question of “what do women want,” Lay’s thinks it has an answer: Chocolate-covered potato chips. This month, Lay’s is rolling out milk chocolate-covered potato chips. The chipmaker says the salty-sweet combo is tailor-made for young women, who apparently can’t get enough of the stuff. Lay’s senior director of marketing, noted: “the increasing popularity of chocolate-covered snacks among our target audience, millennial women. … They are looking for those more indulgent, savory/sweet combinations.” The product’s debut will officially be a trial run, but the product could become a permanent part of the Lay’s arsenal if shoppers love them. As for other chocolate-covered chip combinations, “the possibilities could be endless,” says Saenz. (Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “Men Like Potato Chips. Women Like Chocolate. Who Will Like Chocolate Potato Chips?“)

The possibilities could be endless.  Right. Got it.  May this NOT come to a store near me…Please.

Source: Thank you Steve Layman

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13 responses to “What chance do we have against this Evil? Zero. Nada.

  1. schmale50

    Ladies want sweet OR salty. Lay’s sin is mixing the two.


  2. These are absolutely terrible!!! How dare they make these!!!! ***Where are they sold? I want to go there and tell them how bad these are!! Hmmmm! I may need to taste them first, just to see how really terrible they are!!***


  3. Actually, this sounds absolutely disgusting. For starters, I’m sure the ingredients will be the cheapest and most rancid available — Hershey-grade chocolate and crappy frying oil. And that’s before you reach the question of mingling these two flavors, each of them enjoyed best sparingly, like a sprinkling of fairy dust.

    I do eat dark chocolate, as a light dessert. I do regularly nom a good vinegar or jalapeno crisp. Putting them together is like…I don’t know, sex while having your feet pedicured? The luxuries just don’t mix.


  4. Yuk, sounds revolting! They remind me of the so called ‘healthy breakfast cereal bars covered in chocolate. another YUK!


    • Hi Sue Dreamwalker! Okay, maybe yuk on the chips, but I will try one to find out 😉 Also, I have chocolate covered cereal bars that I promise are wonderful. They are not your average cereal bars and I can only buy them on sale. The granola is organic and yummy, with a light coating of pure dark chocolate. You guys might be missing out.

      John, thanks for sparking a conversation about chocolate (and chips)!.


  5. I vote for chocolate covered food! I haven’t tried the chips and surely, you need quality food to cover, but I’ve been delightfully surprised by chocolate covered food products that I would have never associated with chocolate!

    Of course, dark healthy (fairly traded) chocolate is the way to go, but I think you (anyone who loves good chocolate), should try something new, draped in chocolate, and enjoy! I had a chocolate covered pineapple recently and couldn’t get enough.

    I’ll try the chips and get back to you 🙂


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